In the film Thor: Ragnarok (if you’re not familiar with the MCU why not?!?!), Thor’s hammer (Mjölnir) is destroyed early on by his evil Sister Hela.

Later in the film, while he is getting his ass handed to him by Hela, Thor’s late father Odin appears to him in a vision.

Thor believes that he is useless without his hammer, but Odin reminds him that he is the God of Thunder and the hammer merely serves to channel his powers.

Thor then summons a huge bolt of lightning to fend off Hela. More happens, of course but for now we just need to know that Thor’s powers don’t come from the hammer!

Where on earth, or in the made-up universe, am I going with this?

Well it’s really simple. See, we often choose a method to help us lose weight or fat.

When we have some success with said method, we start to think of it like Thor’s hammer, we feel like we need it and when we can’t use it, we are powerless.


Take tracking calories (you can insert whatever diet method you wish here) for example, you might lose weight successfully over 4-5 weeks and have tracked everything down to the last bite, awesome.

However, one night you go out to a restaurant and they don’t have nutritional information or MyFitnessPal barcodes 😫

Oh shiiiiiiit, what am I going to do????

You think. Well, for some people this might be where they give up and just eat ALL THE FOOD because without being able to track their food, they are totally powerless.

But what if, instead, they realise that MyFitnessPal isn’t the source of all their powers, that in fact they themselves hold the power to know what a healthy meal or reasonable portion looks like.

Now, in no way am I bashing any diet method here, I just want you to realise that you are the one in control, not the method.

Hopefully you don’t need Odin to come and tell you that.

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Written by Stephen Combe