Saturday morning hangovers.

They’re the worst right!

You had a good night the night before and now you are paying the price

Kids have probably got you up early and you just want to lay on the couch and go to sleep

Now then, i just wanted to share with you my top tips for managing your hangover that contradicts everythign you’ve been told before

What i’m going to tell you is just my on way of doing it, but it works pretty well.

So what most people do, is wake up hungover and either grab a greasy fry up or bacon sandwich, or head off to McDonalds

But i want you to do the opposite

Instead, i want you to not eat anything at all!

Well, not until lunch time anyway.

That’s right, all i want you to do is drink plenty of water, sugar free drinks and whatever else helps you sort your fuzzy head out a little bit, but don’t eat just yet

Perhaps even go and get some fresh air if you can.

However, when it gets to lunch time, i want you to eat again.

But instead of a greasy fry up or fast food, make or grab something healthy.

You see, by lunch time your hangover will be fading, your cravings will be going and you wont feel the urge to stuff your facw anymore.

What normally happens is that you’ll be hungy, have a huge breakfast, maybe skip lunch, eat sweet and crisps throughout the day and then a takeaway on the night.

Sound about right?


By breaking that cycle and skipping breakfast you might not feel the need to do those things and in turn, limit the damage from the alcohol the night before.

Hope that helps

Team Fortified