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Joe Ayre

I’m Joe, one of the coaches at Fortified Coaching. I have been working with clients both online and face to face since 2013. In that time I have fine tuned my skills as a coach and a nutritionist to make sure our clients receive the very best results in the simplest, safest way possible.
Dieting can be a confusing subject and frustrating process.
I work with men and women to help them achieve the results they have always wanted by breaking free from the pain of the weight loss cycle and empowering them to have the confidence they have always dreamt of.

Nina Turnbull


Throughout my 12 years in the fitness helping my clients improve their relationship with food, lose weight or build their body confidence is extremely rewarding and has made me extremely passionate about my job

I strongly believe that everyone can achieve anything with commitment and consistency, however it’s important to understand that the most sustainable results are obtained whilst working around my client’s home life, careers and social life. I work closely with people to build healthier lifestyle habits and balance by creating a flexible training and nutrition platform, using the most up to date protocols, to get them the results they want and deserve.

Stephen Combe

My name is Stephen Combe and I am online nutrition coach. I have been coaching for over a decade as well as mentoring 100s of personal trainers.
My mission is to empower others to make positive and sustainable changes to their health and lifestyle through education and support.
I mainly help busy parents to take control of their health and nutrition so they have more energy to be awesome at work and keep up with their kids at home. Losing some unwanted body fat is an added bonus.
Having been seriously overweight myself I fully understand how challenging making positive changes can be, however with the right support I believe everyone can make a change for the better.

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