Over the last five and a half years I have personally trained 100’s of clients.

The exact number i couldn’t tell you without looking back over stacks of forms, email addresses and sign up forms.

On top of that i have also managed somewhere close to 100 PTs across a number of sites as a PT manager, helping those PTs grow their business and service 100s of clients themselves

What ive come to realise, no matter how good the individual plan

No matter how much time you invest into somebody

Only a small amount of people will get AMAZING results on a 1-1 basis.

Crazy really given that 1-1 clients tend to pay personal trainers a premium price

The reason for this…well, I’m not quite sure

It’s certainly something that i have been guilty of myself.

I have invested in coaches, paid a lot of money, and then…done NOTHING

But there are the times where i have took action and done things also


So, what i have found is that people DO get better results, ARE more likely to stick to the plan when a part of a group


GO figure


Some of the best results that i have had have been with low cost programs, even FREE programs

Yes, people have got insane results by spending very little, training on their own, following generic plans BUT by being part of a group


The secret here is SUPPORT


The more people you have around you that support you, share your goals and help motivate you, the higher your chance of success is


You see, being surrounded by friends and family that want you to stick to being your normal self (the you that eats what you want and dinks what you want) youre less likely to succeed.

It’s not that these people want you to fail, they just want you to stay as you are

They think that this will make you happy

They probably don’t realise how you TRULY feel about yourself, so its not really their fault


BUT, it is your RESPONSIBILTY to yourself to do what you need to do to make yourself feel better


I digress


Groups just seem to breed success

Whether its group training, group based programs or support groups, people just seem to work best when others are around them.


Surrounding yourself with people who pick you up and help you reach your goals can make a HUGE difference to whether you succeed or fail

So, if you want to give yourself the best chance of success, remove any negativity where possible and hang around with people who support you