There is a lot of press at the minute around diet drinks and artificial sweeteners.

Press that suggests that diet drinks may actually be worse for you than full sugar drinks.


This is nothing new though, diet drinks have consistently been given a bad rap.

It used to be suggested (and wrongly still is) that artificial sweeteners spike insulin levels and blunt fat loss.

It is even suggested (and incorrectly so) that artificial sweeteners can cause cancer.


The truth is that it would take litres of diet drinks per day to have this effect (around 10-15 litres)


You see, the studies on this were done on rats at a much, much greater dose that what we would consume of we had a can or two of diet coke a day


Now the new research is suggesting that diet drinks are killing gut bacteria, which is having an overall effect on health and weight gain

The REAL truth is that there is just not enough data to confirm that it is either safe, or dangerous for you yet.


More studies need to be done and long term use needs to be monitored, which isn’t an easy thing to do with studies on humans


Personally, I think diet drinks are a great fat loss tool when used in moderation. They can help curb cravings. If drinking a can or two per day stops you eating an extra 200-300 calories of junk that you shouldn’t, then I think the pros with outweigh any cons.

Health is nearly ALWAYS improved with healthy weight loss and diet drinks can often help with the dieting process.


So, like most things, moderation is key.


If you enjoy a can or two a day, continue. Until there is more research to say they are dangerous or they are safe, just be sensible and don’t guzzles litres upon litres.

If you still aim to get your 2-3 litres of water in per day, you should be fine