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  • Quite some time ago I started training with Steve as I'd picked up an issue with my knees which wasn't improving despite my best efforts. At first I was going to go at it alone, having qualified as a level 3 PT back in June I felt I knew my stuff to do this...however...Steve convinced me although this wasn't the wrong thing to do, having a coach can be the difference to a number of things and I recognised it as a way to learn not just from a PT but a damn good one at that. The way I see it is anyone can earn themselves a certificate but those who keep on learning at the ones who will improve themselves as much as they will improve you. 
    Kris Horsley
  • I have worked with other trainers before, and have often felt guilty for my behaviours if I didn’t lose weight as it didn’t feel they understood the difficult relationship some people have with food. I feel much more comfortable talking about my training and food issues as you don’t judge and understand the difficulties people face. You don’t just give expectations, you ask how you can help me achieve them. Even though I’ve only lost a few pounds, it feels like a bigger achievement than previous efforts when I’ve lost more because my mental state towards food in particular hasn’t been negatively affected.
    Katie Hill
  • “For the first time ever, my waist is less than 38" my weight is 15st 11lbs and all of my clothes are hanging off me. I'm in smaller sized clothes than when i was 11 years old and weight less than what i did when i was 15.”
    Phil Woodhead
    Fashion designer
  • “I was going nowhere before I starting being coached by Nina, I was training, but without a purpose, Nina has given me focus, accountability and determination. My results are far beyond what I expected from a 62 year old guy. I couldn’t ask for anymore”
    Tim Paver
  • “Before I started personal training with Nina I felt deflated and fed up with my weight but lacked the knowledge around training and diet to do anything about it. But now I have now achieved fantastic results and I love being part of her small group training, and working with other like minded people, it keeps me accountable and gives me great advice”
    Jenna Whitehouse
  • “Before starting with Nina I had put on weight over a few years, lost my mojo with exercise and just felt depressed and unhealthy Tried various diet groups and DIY googling... nothing worked as fell off the wagon everytime. However since training with Nina I've seen a gain in strength and muscle even with a shoulder injury from years ago, my weight is going down in a healthy way, I have more energy even with my long hours at work and I'm enjoying exercise and healthy eating again.... 100% happier”
    Emma Mahoney
  • “I reached out to Nina after being let down by another trainer 16 weeks before my bikini competition. The nutritional advice I had previously from another PT wasn't working for me. Working with Nina has been amazing, she took me in hand and planned my every need. I made the comp on time. I'm more confident with my training and nutrition and most of all I'm more aware of my own needs to succeed.”
    Sue Ellwood
  • “I love working with Nina - in some ways it has changed my life. I'm so much happier and don't dread exercise. Crucially I feel in control of my choices and understand what it takes to lose weight (no great mystery). Nina is amazing and I ask her questions all of the time in and out of sessions. It's not always easy but it is achievable and I have so much more confidence. My clothes are all loose 🤓🤓 I felt abit lost before I started with Nina, there is so much information out there and everything promises miracles, but the reality is I needed to find something which could fit into my life practically and allow me to still have a life!”
    Jenny Hudson
  • “Before I started with Fortified Coaching I wasn't shifting any weight or looking any different even though I was at the gym a lot and eating well. I’ve only been with Nina a short while but shes’s been there for me 100%, It's been fantastic. I always have help if needed, all the coaches have so much knowledge so I know I’m now in the right place”
    Lisa Maher
  • “I have been training with Joe since 2014. At 40 i wanted to challenge myself. I'd seen the results from other girls who had done bikini competitions with the team and wanted to give it a go. I have now done a numner of competitions using the guidance and support from the full team”
    Tracey Baker
  • “I was coached by Joe who was excellent in giving me coaching and guidance. He reviewed my progress each week to help me achieve my goals The results have been fantastic”
    Simon Taylor
    Funeral Director
  • “I wanted to improve my confidence. I was really nervous and didn't know how i would fit in with the other girls. I have made a really good group of friends and it's really fun. I am now confident enough to go in the gym myself!”
    Rebecca Ridsdale