Elite Plan

How to get the results you see on Facebook and Instagram (without the sacrifice)

Find out why our Elite Clients go on to get the very best results, with the very least hassle

You’ve tried everything.

Every diet, every training plan and you’ve got sick of seeing Instagram influencers telling you that their way is the best way. You keep changing gym workouts. You’ve tried keto, low carb, detoxes, low fat diets and everything else you can think of but still ended up getting nowhere.

We have good news for you. It’s not your fault! Millions of people like you don’t know what diet and training plan to follow. You are not alone. It’s proven then the methods you have tried in the past are not the best for long term results.

If this sounds like you, we have the solution

The Fortified Coaching Online Coaching System is the tailored solution to finally get you results that you can KEEP!

Imagine this. It’s 3 months from now.  you are out with friends, you look and feel fantastic. Infact, you have never felt so good about yourself, your confidence is sky high.

Using 20+ combined years of qualified nutritionist and personal training coaching, the Fortified Coaching Team have helped 1000s of people like Rachael to overcome her battle with diets and gym routines to get the results she had always wanted.

Not convinced? See more testimonials.

So, what do I get?

We will teach you the skills you need to be able to get incredible results and develop the knowledge to keep them

You’ll work with a highly experienced coach to ensure you get the very best results in the shortest possible time

You’l learn how to socialise with friends and loved ones without having to worry about how it will affect your weight

You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to still make progress while eating and drinking out – once you know how to do it.

You’ll have support from the full team throughout your journey

You’ll be supported by a team of qualified coaches and nutritionist, as well as a group of people all there to help and encourage you.

What happens on the plan?

A tailored training plan

So that your training stays fresh and you keep progressing.

Specific nutrition targets

So that you know exactly what to eat, and how much to get, to get the results you want

Weekly check ins

So that we can monitor your progress and make any changes when necessary to keep you moving forwards.

Facebook support with a very active support network

A group of like-minded people who share your goals and can help advise and motivate you when you need that rocket up your backside.

Weekly recipe videos

So that you have new ideas to keep your meals fresh and interesting with a step-by-step video guide.

Monthly recipe books

So that there are always new meal ideas that are calorie counted so that they fit within your plan.

Guides to popular restaurants

To take the confusion and anxiety around eating out with friends away.

Weekly mindset e-mail + Weekly lifestyle tip

So that you area always receiving the very best advice and support, no matter who you are.

Elite Plan

£150 p/m

  • Initial consultation
    • So we can assess your needs to get you the best results
  • Welcome pack
    •  So that you know exactly what you are doing
  • Tailored training plan
    • Created to your specific needs and goals
  • Tailored nutrition plan
    • Based around your lifestyle + preferences
  • Nutrition guidelines
    • So you know how to eat and when
  • Example meal plan
    • Allowing you to see how your diet should look
  • Monthly Coaching Calls
    • Real results come from true support
  • Daily support
    • Always on hand to help
  • Weekly check ins
    • To monitor your progress and make changes where needed
  • Monthly Recipe books 
    • To provide you with plenty of meal ideas
  • Mobile Phone App
    • Your plan, in your pocket, wherever you go
  • Private FB support group
    • To motivate + guide you
  • Weekly Recipe Videos
    • Teaching you how to cook tasty meals
  • Regular group challenges
    • To keep you on track
  • Nutrition and training content
    •  So you can continue to get results long after you finish working with us
  • Live Q+A sessions
    • More help, more guidance
  • Weekly email support
    • Tips and training info to educate you
  • Extensive exercise video library
    • So you know how to execute the exercises safely and effectively
  • Habit trackers
    • Helping to build lasting, lifestyle changes
  • Guide to popular restaurants
    • So that you can eat out and still get results! 

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Don’t delay! We can only take on 20 clients at a time, and once spaces are full, they are full and you’ll miss the opportunity to finally put an end to only dreaming about being in better shape.

TRY IT RISK FREE: If you follow the system completely and don’t get the results you want then you will receive a 100% refund.

P.S. The Fortified Coaching Online Training Program, fine-tuned over many years with many clients, has been proven to deliver results.