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Competitive athlete or getting on stage, we can help

Want the best chance of winning?

Maybe it is turn that dream into a reality and start prepping for a bodybuilding show. As coaches we have helped clients win trophies in all federations. Qualifying for Nationals and European competitions in the process. We provide the complete package for anyone looking to get on stage, all you need to bring is the discipline.

Need help making weight or improving sporting performance?

We provide athletes with the solutions to thier problems. Whether that is making weight for a competition or improving their fitness and power within their field. Using our nutritional experience we assist athletes to make weight in the quickest, safest and easiest way possible without sacrificing performance.

I worked with Joe for my first competitions. Having never competed before i knew i needed some guidance.

My first comp went great, qualifying for a British Final. I then went on to compete again, winning my regional and qualifying for the Amateur Arnolds in Barcelona. 

Martin Dawes – Mens Physique

I worked with Fortified Coaching to help me get ready for my show. Competing for the first time in BNBF was daunting but Nina gave me all of the tools i needed to get the place i wanted and qualify for the National Finals.

Emma Rushforth- BNBF

I started working with fortified coaching as i knew they had experience in weight cuts and nutrition for athletes I wasn’t really tracking food properly and wasnt accountable for my food choices prior to training which is why i requested help from the team Anyone thinking about working with the team i would say absolutely yes! All my weight cuts have veen stress free along with helping me get in better shape during the process this is the leanest ive ever been!

Stacie Jones – Commonwealth Games Medailst

I had to drop down a weight division and was struggling with it. The only way I could imagine doing it was limiting carbs to almost nil and then my performance and recovery was negatively effected massively. I didn’t have a clue about balances in diets and thought reducing calories to 1000 a day was the only way to drop the weight in time. Results were brilliant, my performance levels all the way through camp actually improved when historically towards the end my energy levels and session quality drops off a cliff down to hunger and lack of food. Along with that and more importantly my weight was dropping off sustainably. 100% recommend it for any aspect of life, whether it be sport specific or to just feel healthier. 

Carl Thomas – Boxer

A huge motivation for me since giving birth was returning to sport as the best player i could be. Although i am much lighter, I am also definitely much stronger and with the added speed i’m a more effective player.

Rachael Phillips – Durham Sharks

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