About Fortified Coaching

Fortified Coaching came together with the vision of helping as many people as possible achieve a greater understanding of how to improve their health and fitness with exercise and nutrition.

As a team, collectively we have helped 100’s of clients make long term changes. Not only their bodies, but their mindset and confidence as well.

We don’t have a one size fits all approach like some others might

Nor do we try and push our ideologies onto you

Instead, we work with you, not against you to help you get the results you want.

We understand real people

We know that different people have different priorities

For some, they can prioritise diet and exercise above everything else

For others, family, relationships, friends or careers can come first

We don’t ask for big sacrifices from you

Only sustainable changes

Between the team, we work together to use our different skills and styles to make sure that every client gets great results while still enjoying the process

That is what makes us different

It’s not the extensive qualifications we have

Nor is it the experience of mentoring and coaching 100’s of other personal trainers

It’s the collective resources and shared practices that make our whole coaching experience, in our opinion, the best there is