Overweight Women – I Feel Your Pain

Ok, so I am not an overweight woman, let’s clear that up.


But I do understand how you feel.

You see, I work with dozens of overweight women and have worked with probably hundreds over my time

One thing I’ve learnt is that as different as you all are, you ALL share similar feelings about yourselves, your weight and your body confidence.

Being a woman isn’t easy, in fact it’s hard.

When it come to weight loss, it seems like everything is against you, It CAN be hard

Both mentally and physically

It IS a lot harder for you to lose weight than it is for men. FACT

You have less muscle (generally) than men

Often less physical jobs (generally) than men

You have a menstrual cycle that plays havoc with your mood and hormones making you want to eat more

You have a menstrual cycle that makes you feel bloated and makes you hold on to water (making you appear heavier than you are)

You normally have a family to look after (won’t lie, men normally don’t do as much as you do)

Given ALL of this, losing weight or rather fat as a woman is tough

You step on the scales, knowing you’ve been on point all week and see a weight gain

You feel completely heartbroken, disappointed and demotivated

What I help the women I work with understand is that the scales are only ONE way to track your progress

And an incomplete way at that

There are so many things that effect your WEIGHT (weight, not fat) that makes it hard to stay on track as a woman.

If you aren’t seeing results on a weekly basis, it’s easy to quit.

But that’ll get you nowhere.

In fact, that cycle of DIET-BINGE-QUIT-DIET will PROBABLY make you fatter

Yes, FATTER, not heavier

If there’s a sure fire way to gain FAT, it’s by feeling upset because the scales say you haven’t lost weight and then having a binge because you are disappointed.

The biggest advice I can give you is this

  1. If you know you’ve been good all week, you WONT have gained fat. Ignore the scales 

  2. Track your menstrual cycle. For 2 months keep a diary of how you look, feel and of your energy levels. You should see patterns at the same time each month. Understanding this will help you better understand what’s happening when you step on the scales

  3. Women need to be more active to lose fat – Less muscle = harder to lose fat. Be more active. If you sit at a desk all week, sit on the couch at home, losing weight will be tougher

  4. Stay calm. As hard as it is, if you don’t see weekly changes, don’t panic, tweak your diet, add in more exercise if necessary but under no circumstances quit or give up

  5. If you are unsure of what to do, ask for help. Getting results is 100% possible by yourself but its MUCH MUCH easier if you have some help

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