New Year’s resolutions that WILL set you up to fail

Will your new year’s resolution set you up to fail?

Contrary to popular belief I’m not one to be gloomy and dreary so I’ll get the negatives out of the way first

Your new year’s resolutions could actually set you up to fail before they even start


You see, the majority of people give themselves resolutions that they won’t be able to achieve.

They set unrealistic targets and goals that mean they miss out on things they enjoy such as social events because they promised they would stay in all January, leaving them feeling unhappy.


New year resolutions are set with your future you in mind. A you that you would like to be in the future. But for the you that you are right now, that is quite unrealistic.


If right now you enjoy eating chocolate, drinking alcohol, spending your money and not exercising then even the best laid plans will probably fail. Not because you don’t want to do those things, rather that the you right now isn’t ready to do those things.

Visualising a future self where everything you want is a reality is great, but it can’t happen overnight.


Here are some popular new year’s resolutions and some replacements that are more achievable


I’m going to save all of my spare money each month

I’m going to save some of my money each month


I’m going to give up chocolate

I’m going to cut down on chocolate, maybe have it just once or twice a week instead of daily


I’m going to give up alcohol

I’m going to reduce to reduce the amount I drink

I’m going to only drink socially and not every night

I’m going to only drink spirits to reduce my calories


I’m going to exercise everyday

I’m going to commit to exercising 3 times a week

I’m going to be more active each day


By making your goals more realistic and achievable you give yourself a much greater chance of achieving them.


My clients set realistic goals that we can work together on to achieve over time.


What goals are you going to give yourself to make sure 2018 is your year?