Why sexy sells and the truth is boring

“Eat more to lose weight”
“5:2 diet”
“low carb”
“shake diet”

All of the above sounds cool, trendy or appealing to someone wanting to lose weight

Because the all sell an idea of something easy

A simple, basic solution to lose weight, without real effort

All of the above could work

Eat more – eat more nutrient dense food = more volume less calories
5:2 diet – limit calories
low carb – limit calories
shake diets – limit calories

See they all do one thing, limit calories. But they do it with a sexy, appealing twist or fad and sometimes at quite an expense.

Because nobody wants to do boring

Nobody want to reduce calories by a small amount each day

Create a weekly calorie deficit

Lose 1-2 pounds per week

Because that’s to slow, to hard and basic.

It’s not sexy just to reduce your portions a little

It’s not sexy to play the long game

But imagine losing only 1lb per week, for a full year while still being able to eat all of the foods you enjoy (albeit slightly less of them)
That would actually be 52lbs (3.7 stone or 23kg)

And STILL eating food you like

That’s what me and my clients aim to do

Be consistent
Work hard
Trust the process

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