The Eat More to Lose Weight Myth Explained


So you’ve heard it said before “You need to eat more to lose weight”

Perhaps you’ve even said yourself “I don’t eat enough, that’s why I don’t lose weight”


Well, the truth is, eating more isn’t going to get you to lose weight, at least it’s not quite as straight forward as that.

See, the chances are, if you’ve got a lot of weight to lose, or you are trying to lose weight and it’s just not happening, then it

‘s not because you are not eating enough. It’s because you are eating TOO MUCH.


You see, weight loss comes down to calories in VS calories out.


Eat more calories than you burn and you will gain weight

Burn more calories than you eat and you will lose weight


It is as simple as that.


Where the confusion and the myth of eating more to lose weight comes from comes down to nutrient density, ie, how nutritious the food you are eating is.


Typically, junk food contains very few nutrients, but many calories. Meaning small portions contain lots of calories, without making you feel full or satisfied so it feels like you aren’t really eating much at all.


On the other hand, nutritious food can contain fewer calories, but can be much more filling because you typically get a much greater volume of food for a smaller amount of calories.

Hence the saying “eat more and lose weight”


More nutritious food = greater volume of food





However, to lose weight, the overall amount of calories that you consume still needs to be reduced in order to lose weight


So don't fall for the excuse that you aren't eating enough. You ARE overeating, but you AREN'T eating enough good food to lose weight