Action = Inspiration = Motivation

Inspiration —->Motivation

How often have you felt that you are just waiting for some inspiration to do something?

Waiting for everything to be right, or the penny to drop before you do something?

Today I didn’t want to exercise.
I had been away for the weekend, was tired and was just concentrating on getting through the day as best I could.

But I knew I needed to exercise.
So I took action, exercised and immediately felt better and had a sense of achievement which left me feeling more motivated for the week ahead.

The key there was that I took action.

How many times have you wanted to start something but were waiting for some motivation to do it?
How many times have you exercised when you didn’t really want to but felt great afterwards?

By forcing yourself in to action you can create your own inspiration and motivation.

Next time you don’t feel like starting, or aren’t ‘ready’ remember that taking action will give you all the motivation you need.

Action —->Inspiration —->Motivation