What’s the most important factor in losing weight?

What are the most important things you can do to lose weight?

Create a calorie deficit.
Stay consistent.

I often get asked questions like


“what’s the best way to lose weight”

“how do I lose my tummy?”


Something that comes up in conversation quite regularly is what is the most important thing when wanting to lose weight.

First off, weight loss can’t happen without being in a calorie deficit. (This is true for 99% of the population).
So by burning more calories than you are eating, either through exercise, diet or both.

So if you aren’t losing weight, its because you aren’t in a deficit – cold hard fact.

Secondly, the other most important factor is consistency. In 99% of instances when people haven’t lost weight it’s more often than not because they haven’t been consistent enough.

They’ve tracked for a most of the week, but haven’t tracked at the weekend – even though they’ve ate ‘healthy’.

Even with eating healthy food, it can be very easy to go over your calories.

Typically people are less active over the weekend and tend to eat more.
If unaccounted, those extra calories can easily undo the hard work from Monday-Friday.


What is hard for some to accept is that if they aren’t losing weight, it’s because they are overeating.


You see, people don’t want to blame themselves or look at themselves for the reason to why they aren’t losing weight.

It’s much easier to say

“I just can’t lose weight”

“I have an underactive thyroid”

“It’s my age”


None of these thing are the reason you aren’t losing weight.


The answer is simple


Create a deficit, stay consistent, it’s as straight forward as that.