How To Get The Results You See On Facebook And Instagram, Without The Sacrifice

Is your gym routine and diet plan getting you nowhere?

Learn how to get the best possible results with our proven success blueprint

Why our clients get results you see on Facebook and Instagram without the sacrifices

You’ve tried every diet, pill and potion and still you’re not getting results that last

You’ve tried all the gym workouts, bootcamps and fitness DVDs available and still you’re out of shape

Listen, It’s not your fault.

Not knowing what diet and training plan to follow is a problem for millions of people. 

Science has proven that all of those fad diets you’ve tried in the past don’t help with fat loss.

If you can relate to this problem, we have the solution.

THE FORTIFIED COACHING ONLINE COACHING SYSTEM is the tailored solution to FINALLY get you results that you can KEEP!

Techniques perfected with 1000’s of clients has allowed us to create the perfect solution to your problems while still being able to enjoy the foods that you enjoy and get better results than ever. 


In fact, if you start now, you could start seeing differences in your body within the next week!

Imagine how you will feel, finally being able to go out with friends and be confident that you look better than you ever have done before.

Using 20+ combined years of qualified nutritionist and personal training coaching the Fortified Coaching Team have helped 1000’s of people like Rebecca to overcome her battle with diets and gym routines to get the results that she had always wanted.


So where do I start! I've never been a gym type of girl! EVER!

The thought of sweat made me bork (it's actually still does haha ) when I started with joe I was so embarrassed to be in a gym in front of anyone , I'd be so conscious of my every move as my body confidence was rock bottom. But honestly after my first session with joe I felt so relaxed I felt like I'd known him years, his humour and his witty jokes keep you going while he's making you work your arse off the hardest you'll ever work in a gym! I'd never been to a gym ever and since starting with joe I ACTUALLY ENJOY GOING! I seriously can't put into words how good joe is. I 'm finally becoming happy with my body and can see the difference 

I highly recommend joe he's fantastic and is always there to help ! X

Zoe's Story

Joe's been my pt for just over a year now and he's been my absolute saviour! I knew nothing about weight training and only ever did classes in the safety of the studio because the thought of going out into the gym petrified me! Now it's like my second home. From having 1-1 Pt sessions with him I've learnt how to lift properly and safely, he's pushed me beyond my boundaries and never let me give up!! Having him as an online coach gives me all the support I need. My mind has been blown really from what I've leant over this past year! Not only with lifting but with nutrition too! I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for his help, guidance and knowledge... So thank you Joe for everything and more importantly for putting up with me!!


I'd lost all my body confidence after having my little girl, and was so nervous to get back into the gym. I booked in with Joe and he created me a plan to help me meet my goals, he always encourages me to try one more or lift a little more. It was just the push I needed, so pleased I signed up, my body's changing in ways I never thought I could achieve, and I'm achieving things in the gym I never thought I would. And although I moan all the way through my sessions, I secretly enjoy them😜

Finally got some body confidence thanks to Joe, can't wait to see what he can help me achieve next

THE FORTIFIED COACHIHNG TRAINING SYSTEM is a simple program that will:

  • Give you the tools to be able to eat the foods you like and get incredible results - You’ll learn the simple processes that our clients use that return outstanding results that last forever
  • Learn how to eat meals out drink alcohol while getting results - You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to still get results while eating and drinking out once you know how to do it.
  • Support you every step of the way - You’re not alone. You’ll be supported by a qualified personal trainers and MNU Certified Nutritionists, as well as a group of people all there to help and encourage you.

Here is what you get...

  • A new, tailored training plan every 6 weeks

    So that your trainig stays fresh and you keep progressing

  • Specific nutrition targets

    So that you know exactly what to eat and how much to eat to get the results you want

  • Weekly check ins

    So that we can monitor your progress and make any changes when necessary to keep you moving forwards.

  • Facebook group with a very active support network

    A group of like mined people who share your goals who can help advise and motivate you when you need that rocket up your backside. 

  • weekly recipe videos

    So that you have new ideas to keep your meals fresh and interesting with a step by step video guide

  • monthly recipe books

    So that there are always new meal ideas that are calorie counted so that they fit within your plan

  • guides to popular restaurants

    To take the confusion and anxiety around eating out with friends away

  • 1 x weekly mindset email + 1 x weekly lifestyle tip

    So that you are always receiving the very best advice and support, no matter where you are

Plus, A mobile phone app loaded with...

  • your plan

    So that it is with you at home, in the gym or in the park. You can never forget it

  • your calories and macros

    So you will always know exactly what your targets are and have them on hand for when you are out and about

  • your recipes books

    All pre loaded into your app and new ones will drop in each month

  • supplement guide

    A no nonsense guide to supplements so you know what’s worth taking and what isn’t 

  • nutrition guidelines

    So that you know exactly how to eat when you are out and about and when you are socialising so that you still get the BEST results possible

  • extensive video library

    So that you can see exactly how to perform each exercise safely and securely 

  • tracking sheets

    So your progress is all in one place and you can see all of the changes you have made in clear, precise charts

  • habit trackers

    So you can be reminded to monitor your activity levels, sleep and everything else it takes to get results

And just to sweeten the deal, the first 10 people to join Team Fortified Coaching each month will receive FREE 60 minute consultation before starting the program to have your program tailored to you.

Community Plan

Tailored training plan every 6 weeks

Calorie and macro calculator

Fortnightly group check ins

Private FB support group

Monthly Recipe books

Mobile Phone App

Weekly Recipe Videos

Regular group challenges

Nutrition and training content

Live QandA sessions


Nutrition guidelines

Weekly email support

Extensive exercise video library

Guide to popular restaurants

Guaranteed Results!


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    Guaranteed Results!

    Initial consultation

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    Tailored training plan updated as required

    Completely customised nutrition plan

    Monthly Coaching Calls

    Daily support

    Weekly check ins

    Video Feedback

    Private FB support group

    Monthly Recipe books

    Mobile Phone App

    Weekly Recipe Videos

    Regular group challenges

    Nutrition and training content

    Live QandA sessions

    Nutrition guidelines

    Example meal plan

    Weekly email support

    Extensive exercise video library

    Habit trackers

    Guide to popular restaurants

    Guaranteed Results!

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